Mega HR Trends 2021

An Interview with Tom Haak, HR Trend Institute


In 2021, organizations prioritizing strong ethical leadership and anti-fragility courses of action are winning. Companies placing emphasis on the more organic format of workflow-driven learning have more effective employees. But these HR trends are more complex and multi-faceted than they appear. Today’s discussion on “Geeks, Geezers, and Googlization” dives into a deeper analysis of what these mega HR trends truly mean.

Tom Haak is the founder and director of The HR Trend Institute, an innovative institution dedicated to following trends and providing quality insight that enables clients to be the best in their business. …

The End of Jobs, The Future of Work

An Interview with Jeff Wald

End of Jobs, Jeff Wald, Geeks Geezers Googlization
End of Jobs, Jeff Wald, Geeks Geezers Googlization


Given this past year, the future might seem daunting and unpredictable. But no matter how new and strange everything might feel, data and history can help us see into the future, and Jeff Ward joins the show today to guide us in those forecasts.

Robots and automation threaten to displace millions of workers, but Jeff predicts there will be no net job loss. How is that possible? With remote work, on-demand labor, and many other changes that were accelerated in 2020, jobs as we know them are on the way out. …

Reimagining How We Protect our Digital Data

An Interview with Dennis Hill


Data security is more important now than it ever has been. Hackers have bigger and better computers and techniques, we have put more information on the web than ever before, and on top of that, we are still dealing with the same problems we had when computing first took off!

However, most of the ways we try to create security today are simply ways to treat the symptoms. Nothing gets to the root cause, which Dennis Hill believes is centralized data storage. He proposes building decentralized data storage architecture, supported by blockchain and 5G and backed by laws, to finally…

But That’s No Excuse

When the Coronavirus pandemic began, Mike Sarraille and George Randle noticed that some businesses started losing their minds. Why? Because they did not invest in talent that could work in any environment.

Hiring the right talent

This distress is a symptom of bad talent recruitment practices. First of all, rather than hiring talent with strong character and dedicated mindsets, companies too often try to fit unique individuals into suffocating job descriptions. This leads to machines made up of cogs, not dynamic teams of thriving individuals.

Three common hiring mistakes, and how to avoid them

So what is it that makes certain teams high-performing and causes others to fail? It…

Grow your talent, Develop Leaders — Success Performance Solutions
Grow your talent, Develop Leaders — Success Performance Solutions

Professional development and training are a huge benefit for both employees and the small businesses they work for. In fact, LinkedIn’s 2019 Workplace Learning Report showed that 94% of employees want to work at a company that helps them learn new skills.

Every employee can benefit from regular training. However, a heavy workload may leave employees discouraged from developing new skills. When employees feel they have to complete projects first, training can take a back seat.

That’s where microlearning comes in!

Microlearning helps employers offer more training in less time. …

Q & A with John Sanei sponsored by Success Performance Solutions

John Sanei, Future Employees, Future of Work, Future Leadership
John Sanei, Future Employees, Future of Work, Future Leadership
Click here to watch the video!

The only John Sanei in the world joined me (Ira S Wolfe) recently for a Q&A about the future employee, future of work, and FutureNEXT Leadership. This conversation was prompted by a LinkedIn post that John recently made about the differences between complicated and complex. This is just the tip of the iceberg! We spoke about future essential skills such as curiosity and adaptability; the 4 different types of sight; why current leadership is so out of touch, and AfterShock. You’ll want to listen and/or read the transcript below.

One of the top global thought leaders on our future John Sanei offers a dire warning: “Applying normal rules in a complex world is the worst thing we can do.”

To help make sense of how all of us should be preparing for what John calls FutureNEXT (also the title of his upcoming book), he is kicking off Success Performance Solutions’ August Webinar series on August 4 at 1:00 PM EDT. Registration is free but pre-registration is required. Virtual seating is limited. You can register at

Sanei is not surprised to see so many people struggling, even grieving over…

It begins like this. An email arrives claiming to be from local authorities with information that the deadly coronavirus infection is being carried by one of your employees.You’re a bit suspicious but you recognize the logo and contact name. A PDF or link is attached, urging you to confirm the employee. You click and open it, infecting your computer with phishing malware. The malware gets to work harvesting employee data. It then injects more malicious code, stealing more information and monitoring employee activities.

Billions of fake emails are sent just like this every day. Many of them land in your…

Is HR ready to burn the boats or will it just keep hitting the snooze button on strategy?

Three in 5 HR leaders believe if the HR function doesn’t modernize, it may become irrelevant, according to a recent KPMG survey. The word “modernize” seems like a safe word. It resonates with HR and management because it infers you can talk about innovation, make incremental changes, and not rock the boat. But what if modernization requires disruption, transformation on the grandest scale, not just innovation? Can HR step up this time, take a big gulp, and help burn the boats? …

I can hear it in Danny’s voice: despair, fear, frustration, disappointment. Danny represents just one of the millions of businesses living in “talent poverty.” Danny owns a home health agency. But his role and the industry are almost irrelevant. Danny could be the CEO of a manufacturing company, the HR director at a construction company, or the hiring manager in a restaurant.

Poverty seems like an odd word to describe Danny’s existence because he’s not poor by any means, especially when compared to someone living on the streets or Section 8 housing. In fact, Danny is financially pretty well-off. …

Ira Wolfe

A "Millennial trapped in a Baby Boomer body, Ira S Wolfe has passionately embraced how exponential change will impact the future of work, jobs, and society.

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